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I am the patron saint of lost causes...

(save me from myself)

Once upon a time I was all about Veronica Mars. Loved, loved, loved the show and, of course, the LoVe ship. And then Rob Thomas became an asshole and the whole thing went to hell in a handbasket. I watched Season 2 with a growing sense of unease and the crap of Season 3 with utter incredulity. I was a mod over at The LoVe Shack which, for a long time, helped feed my passion. As you might have guessed, my love for the show and the ship cooled dramatically in the face of the absolute hilarity (I'm laughing on the inside) of the Veronica Mars:FBI premise-o-crap. My only love for the show now revolves around the brilliance and beauty that is Jason Dohring and his amazing creation (Logan Echolls) and the misty, water color memories of the way we were in Neptune when life was good and Rob knew how to tell a story. Oh, and Kristin Bell can take a big yellow school bus off a PCH cliff for all I care these days. Veronica's been CC'd on that memo as well.

I'm also a huge Joss Whedon fan and I think "Firefly" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" are still two of the greatest series in TV history. The shows currently restoring my faith in great TV are "Lost", "The Office" and "BSG" -- and I also still very much heart the crazy angst of "Grey's Anatomy." I'll love "Heroes" again when it comes back next century.

I love music and my brother has turned me on to all sorts of bands (many emo, of late) but my first love will always be Better Than Ezra. My current fave (in that "I can't help but listen to it over and over and over and over until everyone in my life is PAINFULLY sick of it") is Anberlin. Copeland and Yellowcard run in a similar pack, but Anberlin is alpha dog. Fo sho. I'm not much of a fiction writer but I'm a voracious reader and I've become painfully addicted to good fanfic, particularly anything in the LoVe, JAM, and Firefly genres. Movies are another passion, but I'd be here all day listing my favorites. Just to give you a taste, I love "Almost Famous", "Serenity", "Real Genius", "Hot Fuzz!", "Hairspray", "Rent" and "Say Anything" to name a few favorites. Oh! And I've kind of fallen in love with "Enchanted" too.

Um, I love chocolate and cheese and anything salty. And books. I own more books than I will ever have space for and I've read them all. At least twice. I love the classics -- Wuthering Heights is a long time fave -- as well as more popular authors like Nora Roberts and Dean Koontz, and I'm still crazy about Harry Potter. I can't help it -- I'm a kid at heart. I love my family and my friends (both online and in the real world) and my crazy, neurotic 86 lb baby of a dog, Roxi. I hate posers and stupid people (and yeah, KB and RT I'm talkin' to you) as well as judgmental people and folks who ignore the basics of the English language. Oh, and mushrooms. I really, really hate mushrooms. And peanuts, but only 'cause they'll kill me.

So, yeah, that's me in a nutshell.